IPAS Reading Comprehension

IPAS Reading is a thoroughly researched test for measuring and tracking student achievement in reading comprehension, aligned with the National Curriculum. It provides teachers with objective information for setting realistic learning goals and planning effective programmes.

IPAS Reading Comprehension tests cover a range of text types (narrative, persuasive, informational) and task types (retrieving information, interpreting explicit information, interpreting by making inferences and reflecting on texts).

There are nine IPAS Reading Comprehension tests, with content appropriate for each year level from Year 2 to Year 10.  All of the IPAS Reading Comprehension test forms are calibrated on a single measurement scale, allowing teachers to compare student performance irrespective of which test form is used.  The single scale used for reporting means teachers can use tests of varying difficulty in the same class, based on their expert judgement, and still compare student performance irrespective of which test form is used. This allows more accurate measurement of individual students at different stages of learning. Most importantly, it also allows accurate and fair comparisons over time, in particular monitoring a student’s or a cohort’s progress from year to year.