About IPAS

The purpose of IPAS is to better understand what students are capable of. IPAS is a diagnostic suite of tests designed to provide:

  • a valid and reliable, evidence-based tool for monitoring student progress over the long term;
  • objective evidence on the strengths and weaknesses of students in key skill areas, with reference to the National Curriculum Framework and curriculum as prescribed by NCERT;
  • a robust way to compare student achievement in key learning areas to the average performance of students across multiple year levels in your school;
  • a robust and objective way to monitor and compare learning outcomes at school and cohort levels; and
  • individual, group and progress reports (online tests generate reports automatically for immediate feedback).

There are nine test forms in each learning area with appropriate content for each year level from Year 2 to Year 10. On average, students typically require 40-50 minutes to complete each test. The IPAS tests are available as pen and paper and online tests.

Once registered, each school is set up with a unique URL to access ACER’s Online Assessment and Reporting System (OARS). OARS is a user-friendly system that allows teachers to register students, create custom tags to allow detailed data analysis, assign appropriate tests and generate meaningful reports. The efficient management of student data means teachers can focus on teaching and learning.

IPAS tests have been specially developed by ACER’s expert team of test developers and psychometricians, in consultation with schools, to provide teachers with a relevant, reliable assessment tool.

The subjects available in the IPAS suite are Reading Comprehension, Maths, Science and General Ability. In future Spelling and Grammar will be included.